Brilliant, mourning is now measured in facebook likes? I'm a heavy facebook user, but a national tragedy doesn't make me go "oh, that reminds me, I best update my status". An artist passing away however, I may want to share some of their work I found particularly good. A famine makes me donate money. » 7/26/11 10:18am 7/26/11 10:18am

One of the current most annoying problems in Lifehacker/Giz/Kotaku etc not linking properly since the redesign. In the UK, if you click a link you get sent to the homepage of UK site and then have to dig around for the story itself. This drives you nuts when on a mobile device or via RSS/twitter - and is particularly… » 5/09/11 7:50am 5/09/11 7:50am

BBC event is probably not noteworthy. They did the same thing, in the same place for the launch of the first iPod touches - booked a studio, simulcasted the keynote on a big screen, had products available to demo for journalists. There was nothing that was nothing exclusive to Britain or England. » 2/27/11 8:28am 2/27/11 8:28am

Why don't Apple integrate "voiceover" with this, so you can hear the name of the track being played? I know its still a bit stephen hawkingish - but they've touted it as great when they released Lepoard. A button that 'tells' you the screen information might just be the killer app this needs - not to mention what… » 10/30/07 8:49pm 10/30/07 8:49pm